7 Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Add to Her Collection by 30

Jewellery is an important element of every fashion-conscious woman’s life because it is an extension of her style and personality, much like a signature. While it is tempting to hoard inexpensive jewellery we stumble across, as you grow older it is important to build a collection of more premium, long-lasting, high-quality jewellery pieces, which are timeless and will last you a lifetime because true style never goes out of fashion. We at Tsara have put together a useful checklist of 7 jewellery pieces every fashionista should add to her collection by the time she hits 30. Read away –

The Basics

Always get your basics out of the way first. After all, they are called basics for a reason. These basics will go with anything and everything and have stood the test of time for generations – we are talking about diamond, pearl, gold and silver studs, as well as your basic hoops. Invest in these essential pieces because you will be able to wear them and pass them down.


Ethnic Jewellery

Let’s face it, weddings and traditional holidays are a part of every Indian person’s life, and such occasions call for more ornate jewellery, which match perfectly with either ethnic attire or fusion outfits. Invest in at least two ethnic jewellery sets, which are versatile so they can be paired with various color outfits with ease.


Classic Watch

While most of us rely on our cell phones to keep track of time, there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to accessorise an uber chic statement watch to complete both a crisp corporate and a trendy casual-formal look.


Statement Party Essentials

Work hard, and party even harder! Become bolder with age, including with your party jewellery choices. Invest in a few dazzling statement pieces to accent your party outfits. Let these pieces be as unique and one-of-a-kind as you are.



While most women tend to roll their eyes at glass bracelet after a certain age, do not underestimate the added style quotient a statement bangle or group of two-toned stacked bangles can offer. Invest in one statement bangle and one set of stacked bangles to rotate among outfits on days you want to look extra special.



There is something very nostalgic and charming about lockets – they look perfect both with casual outfits when you want to unwind in the evenings and weekends, and they also look beautiful with casual formals at the office. Pick a locket with a slight vintage feel and we guarantee it will be one of your most used accessories.


Something fun

Most importantly, go ahead and pick one guilty-pleasure jewellery piece on days you feel like indulging your wild side and having fun. Love spikes? Enjoy a slightly Goth streak? Have a thing for bright rainbow colours? Add one quirky piece to your collection, which will always make you smile.

Do you find this list helpful? How many of these seven essentials do you already have? Comment below and let us know!


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