5 Styles For 5 Types Of Faces – h{EAR} Us Out and Pick The Right Earrings

Earrings are a lovely way to draw attention to your face provided you know which ones can accent your features. Like ill-fitting clothes, picking the wrong pair of earrings for your face type can actually backfire. So, how do you know which ones to slip onto your ears? Read on! –

Oval Face

Oval faces can be identified with a forehead that is not too wide and narrowing form toward the chin {think Kate Hudson and Beyonce}. This lucky face type can pull off any earring style, so if you have an oval face, go wild experimenting. We recommend our pearl piece right here and these studs right here to enhance your face’s natural contour.

Round Face

If your face has a more circular form {think Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz}, with your cheeks having a more pronounced round shape, then drop earrings and long dangler such as this one will help elongate your face so you dazzle even more. Steer clear of chunky circular earrings like hoops, which will only emphasise the roundness of your face further.

Square Face

The commonality between Kareena Kapoor, Demi Moore and Salma Hayek is a square face shape. Such face types are defined by an overall even width among one’s forehead, cheeks and jawline. Soften the sharp edges of your face with earrings that are angular, elongated/oval or with rounded edges such as this and this. Circular earrings and hoops also look great {such as this}. But, whatever you do, stay away from square studs!

Heart Face 

Those of you with a forehead that is wider than your cheeks, with a narrowing form toward your chin {think Reese Witherspoon and Deepika Padukone}, draw attention to the lower part of your lovely triangle shape face with earrings that are wider toward the bottom. Opt for chandeliers and tear drop earrings like this and this, and stay far away from inverted triangle-shaped earrings.

Narrow Face 

Lastly, we have the narrow face type – such faces are long {think Angelina Jolie and Katrina Kaif}. Opt for earrings that enhance the width of your face – earrings with lots of volume such as this and this, or clustered pieces and round studs that draw the right amount of attention to the horizontal axis of your face.

We hope this guide will help you pick out jewellery that suits your face so you can get the most out of your purchases!

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