5 Tips To Travel Smartly With Jewellery

Whether you’re planning a long summer vacation or heading for a series of destination weddings, deciding which jewellery to take and how to carry it safely is something you really ought to give some thought to. Here are five tips to travel smartly with your jewellery to avoid any unfortunate mishaps –

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1. When It Doubt, Leave It Out

When it comes to your precious jewels, you should leave as many of them at home as possible. Anything too precious to lose shouldn’t be risked, especially if you’re boarding a flight and bound to go through customs.

A friend of mine learned this the hard way. She emptied all her metal items into a grey, plastic tray before going through customs at Gatwick Airport. Although the tray was handed to her on the other side of the detector, when she arrived at her final destination, she realized she actually forgot to pick up the diamond-sapphire necklace gifted to her by her late mother. Needless to say, she was devastated!

Similarly, there are horror stories abound of engagement rings left in hotel bathrooms. Furthermore, expensive items worn abroad may make you a target to. Whilst you may have insurance to cover these items, their sentimental value is likely irreplaceable.

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2. Pick Versatility Over Quantity

Less really is more when travelling, including when it comes to jewellery. Travel with a few, yet versatile, items that can easily be paired with multiple outfits. Carrying less jewellery is easier to manage, care for and monitor. However, make a note to carry all jewellery in your hand luggage because checked luggage is easier to lose.

3. Invest In A Travel Case

If you travel a lot or have several destination weddings lined up, consider investing a few bucks in a jewellery travel case. They are worth the money if you intend to travel a lot with your favourite jewellery.

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4. Build A Collection Of Destination Jewellery

Rather than carrying precious jewellery that is too expensive to risk losing, consider investing in premium-quality destination jewellery. You will have more design choices to pick from. And, they look just as delightful and real as your gold-and-diamond jewellery. Most importantly, because luxury fashion jewellery isn’t as costly, if you end up misplacing it, you won’t feel as traumatized.

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5. DIY Storage

Another common issue women face when traveling with jewellery is things can get damaged. So, get a little DIY with your packing! Thread your thin necklaces and bracelets through a straw to keep them tangle free. If they are too chunky for straws, use drawstring pouches. Keep your rings and earrings organized in medicine pill boxes.

Comment below and let us know if you found these tips helpful. Until then, bon voyage!