7 Tips to Pair Earrings With Short And Long Hair

Earrings have the power to make or break an entire look. The right earrings can complete an outfit and also draw flattering attention to your hair and face. The wrong earrings, however, can make you get noticed for far from ideal reasons. Since you have so many different hairstyles to choose from based on your hair length, knowing which earrings to pair with which style and length of hair can be tricky. Worry not – we’ve created a guide for you so you can step up your styling game!

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Short Hair

According to fashionistas, it is easiest to pair earrings with short hairstyles. But, remember – there are other elements at play, too, which will ultimately determine how complimentary your earrings truly are. The keyword is balance – find earrings that compliment your hairstyle, face shape, neck length and outfit.

1. Pixie & Crop Cuts

Pixie and crop cuts open your face. If you have a longer face, round and oval earrings such as drops and hoops will help to shorten the appearance of your face, whilst drops or danglers compliment rounder faces. Consider cuffs if you have an edgier cut. Studs, on the other hand, will draw attention firmly on your face.

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2. Bobs

Studs and small hoops are likely to be hidden with bobs. Larger drops, chandeliers and hoops will be big and bold enough to make their presence felt against your hair. If you have more of a shoulder length bob, opt for earrings that don’t go past your shoulder line.

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3. Asymmetric Cuts

There’s drama in your hair already which means the task of your earrings is to accentuate and not detract. Pair studs, danglers or drops. Whatever earrings you decide to wear, let your hair be the center of attention.

Longer Hair

If you have longer hair, the flexibility you have with earrings will be dependent on how you wear your hair.

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1. Slicked Back or Parted & Tucked

Wearing your hair tucked behind your ears or slicked back places the attention on your face and ears, so you want your earrings to add to this attention instead of detracting from it. Simple studs work for this hairstyle, yet a pair of large bold stone-encrusted drops will give you the drama you’re after for more glamorous events. If you’re wearing your hair tucked behind your ears, just know that drops or larger hoops will work like a charm with this look.

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2. Simply Down

Wearing your hair down will frame your face, so earrings are likely to get lost in the backdrop of your hair. Larger teardrops and clusters can provide the boldness you need to contrast against your hair. Whatever you do, stay away from chandeliers and strand danglers. Not only are they likely to go unnoticed, but there’s a good chance they’ll tangle in your hair too.

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3. Curly Hair

Similar to asymmetric cuts, curly hair has drama of its own. Opt for larger and bolder hoops – they won’t detract, nor will they go unnoticed. Added bonus – the curve of hoops completely compliments the curves of your curls!

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4. High Pony Tails, Top Knot’s and Updo’s

Your ears are also on display with these styles, so earrings that frame your face whilst reducing the space between your ears and shoulders what you should aim for. Don’t overdo it if you have a longer neck or rounder face – danglers, teardrops and hoops usually look good from all angles.

Whether you have short or long hair we hope these tips will help you make the most out of your look. If you have any tips of your own, comment below to share them with us.

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