Look Classy At Work With These Jewellery Essentials

Putting in a bit of thought and effort into building the perfect wardrobe for work can go a long way in boosting your self-confidence and leaving a solid impression. Accessories are an integral part of planning out your office OOTD to look crisp, and if you are smart about jewellery pieces you select, you can also rotate them outside of office hours with the right type of styling. We have compiled a series of jewellery essentials that you should add to your office jewellery collection to put your best foot forward –


It is a good idea to invest in two types of earrings – delicate statement studs and chic styles specifically for “dress-down” Friday sessions. For example, earrings with a feminine, floral motif look wonderful when paired with a jumpsuit or blazer, and can also be reused for Sunday brunch sessions. And, chic hoops in metallic hues can look hip yet classy on casual Fridays at the office.

Many women tend to neglect investing in bracelets, and that’s a shame! As more women are ditching wrist watches, wrap a bracelet around that wrist. Bracelets with pearl, crystal and floral motifs are your best bet for the office because you don’t want to flaunt something too flashy in a corporate setting. Keep it tasteful and subtle.

Whether you like to match your rings with your earrings or not, investing in luxurious rings with pop colors can add the right amount of brightness and glow to any office look in an effortless manner. Sunshine yellows, regal greens, fiery reds, majestic purples, tranquil blues – rings with color can truly uplift any office look. So, go ahead and put a ring on it!Have an office style tip you’d like to share with us? Comment below and let us know.