Photograph Jewellery On Yourself Like A Pro Model With These Tips

Let’s face it, more people than ever before are taking and posting photographs of themselves on social media every single day. We are the selfie obsessed generation! However, if you have an exquisite collection of jewellery you want to photograph on yourself, yes it is possible to do so solo. That’s right – you can photograph yourself in all your bejewelled glory like a pro jewellery model with these 5 handy tips –

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1) Select Your Gear 

Needless to say, using a DSLR with a tripod on timer mode is going to get you the best results image quality-wise. If you don’t own a camera and tripod, perhaps you can borrow one from a friend. Or, you can rent them for as low as Rs. 500/day from sites like If you are adamant about only using your Smartphone’s camera, you can do that, as well, buy using add-on lenses and mounting it on a platform that serves as a makeshift tripod, too, but this will require more patience and planning. It is certainly doable.

2) Plan Your Shot List

If you are photographing your rings, do you want shots of just one hand, or both? For jewellery sets, do you only want to show your neck and hands, or your face, too? Do you want profile shots to highlight one earring, or do you want to showcase both earrings with your entire face? Plan out a list of shots so you know how to angle and frame yourself correctly for each one.

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3) Curate The Right Wardrobe & Makeup 

If you have a decently sized social media following, you might actually be able to tie-up with emerging fashion brands and makeup artists to gain access to excellent resources pro bono. And, it will also help with cross-promotion of your work. If you don’t have much of a social media following and do not want to invest in a MUA, then you can always YouTube tutorials on makeup application techniques, which are different for those facing the camera professionally. Look through your own wardrobe for outfits that pair well with your jewellery and decide which pieces will be photographed against which backdrops so colors do not clash.

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4) Zero-In On Locations 

Do you plan on photographing yourself against a wall with an interesting color or wallpaper? Do you plan on photographing yourself outdoor where you have better natural sunlight? Remember, photographing yourself on timer-mode is going to be a process of trial and error where you have to keep tweaking framing and posing back-and-forth until you get the right shot. So, factor in enough time to get all the shots you want.

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5) Invest In Editing

One of the most important elements of any sort of professional looking photography is post-production. While you can definitely photograph yourself free of cost by using the self-timer option on your DSLR and/or Smartphone and even do away with the cost of an MUA or stylist, it is a good idea to instead invest a tiny bit of money in hiring someone to retouch your images to really work some magic. There’s a huge difference in Instagram filters versus manual retouching through Photoshop. There are many Facebook groups in which you can find less seasoned image retouchers who will retouch images for as low as Rs. 200 a photograph, which is a pretty good deal.

We hope these five tips help you achieve the results you’re looking for with your jewellery photography. We’re sure you’ll look amazing! Don’t forget to tag us in your images if you use any of our tips.

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