Show Yourself Some Love With These 5 Rings

We flaunt our hands all the time, and a ring (or, several if you want to go all out) can draw even more attention while you’re typing away at your laptop, scrolling on your phone or simply sliding your fingers through your hair. Sure, over the years, rings have also taken on symbolic importance for engagements and weddings; But, ask any fashionistsa and they’ll tell you buying yourself a nice lil’ collection of assorted statement rings is important way to style outfits cleverly. And, so, on that note, let’s take a look at five rings to add to your collection! –

Vidi Vici Ring 

It’s bold. It’s sexy. It’s edgy. This quirky ring brings together a unique blend of red, black, silver and diamond into one statement ring that pairs perfectly with a LBD for a girl’s night out. Believe it or not, you can even add a bit of spunk to a black chiffon saree with this piece.

Layered Mystique

Perfect for the office, this citrine-diamond ring is oozing femininity and elegance, given its floral motif and soft color palette. You can even slip this ring on when wearing a chic dress or jumpsuit – it is versatile enough to be paired with any outfit.

Emerald Rock Cushion

Green is a color that always makes a statement. It is pretty much synonymous with confidence. Slip on this delightful emerald-diamond ring with solid colors – especially black gowns, sarees and white anarkalis – to complete a more regal look. You can even flaunt this ring to the workplace with a black suit or jumpsuit. 

Forbidden Red

Distinct cut. Premium crystals. A hint of tempting red peeping through. This ring is perfect for any jewellery connoisseur who appreciates impeccable finishing and detailing. Given the universality of diamonds and a tinge of red, this ring can easily be paired with pretty much any outfit to make a subtle, classy statement.

Streamline High

An excellent choice for Spring and Summer seasons, this ring will easily become your go-to ring for the office and relaxing brunches. A decently sized square citrine in the centre and sparkling diamonds circling around, this ring is versatile, elegant, timeless and pleasing to the eyes.

Parties. Office. Brunches. Date nights. Conferences. These rings will come in handy to take your fashion game to the next level to leave a long-lasting pleasant impression. Comment below and let us know which one you love the most!