Pearls Every Woman Should Own

Throughout the centuries, the relationship between women and pearls has always been talked about. A staple element of any fashionista’s jewellery collection, pearls are feminine, graceful and luxurious, which explains why they never go out of style. These days, pearls are being incorporated by some of the best designers into fusion statement pieces to take the design scape to a whole other level. If you’re looking to curate a collection of pearls for all occasions, this blog is going to be your handy go-to guide! –

Desi Swag


Look like a desi diva with pearls that are fused with pop colors and crafted through unique cuts and finishing. The right styling can help you take transform the village belle look to something much more contemporary and hip for ethnic parties.

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Forever Timeless

Let it be Breakfast at Tiffany’s every day and be the Audrey Hepburn of your life’s movie, you lovely leading lady! Timeless pearls really go a long way throughout the years, which is why they are a no-brainer in any jewellery collection. You can wear them with an assorted variety of outfits without having to worry about them going out of style, which gives you a lot more bang for buck.

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Bold & Edgy


If you already have timeless pieces and ethnic party jewellery in place, then you’re ready to invest in pearls that are a bit more edgy for unique party #OOTDs. Quirky shapes. Pop colors. Unique design elements. Get wild with your accessories when you really want to let loose. It feels good to not play it safe once in a while!

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Stylish Fusion 

If your signature style statement is all things fusion, investing in pearls that combine elements of different design palettes in one convenient piece is a pretty smart idea. You can dress them up or down according to your mood and the occasion, which gives you more mileage with your jewellery investment.

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Happy shopping. And, don’t forget to tag us in photos you post of your new, shiny pearls!