Style Your Saree With The Perfect Jewellery

Weddings. Pujas. Diwali. The number of ethnic occasions that demand a slightly desi touch in your OOTD throughout the year are endless. If you’re someone who loves the gracefulness of sarees, this blog post is just for you. Today we break-down saree accessorizing into four key categories so your ethnic look is totally on-point at the next special function you’ve got on your calendar.

Timeless Traditional

If you’re sporting a classic banarsi saree or kanjeevaram, traditional jewellery designs and styles will pair best with your outfit. Avoid clashing your wardrobe and accessories by mixing and matching two entirely different design themes. Multi-color statement jewellery in green, red, diamond and golden hues tend to look great with timeless saree styles.

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Ethnic Diva


If you’re wearing a more experimental cotton saree, or something in more sheer fabrics, like georgette or chiffon, you can play around with more contemporary ethnic jewellery pieces. Such jewellery pieces retain one ethnic element, such as design motif, and are experimental in their cuts, colors and overall look and feel. Such pairings are a great idea for fashion-forward women unafraid of experimenting a bit.

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Royal & Opulent

If you’re a true blue jewellery connoisseur who loves the finest luxuries across all aspects of life, then your jewellery should also reflect your exquisite taste. Drape yourself in your finest chiffon saree – preferably solid colors – and pair them with opulent jewellery that is a class apart. Not only will this look appear super elegant, it will also radiate a regal vibe every time you set foot in the room.

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Fresh & Youthful

If you’re going for a more young ‘n hip vibe, pairing contemporary statement jewellery with solid color cotton or chiffon sarees is always an excellent idea. Earrings, bracelets and rings that are larger in size, so stonework stands out more, in bright, happy colors like yellow and strawberry red, work like a charm. Make hearts melt with chic styling that looks effortless.

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Alright, let’s see those shopping carts filling up. Don’t forget to tag us in photos of your next big desi bash!