How Well Do You Know These Earring Categories?

With so many category of earrings out there, it can be a bit tricky to identify what’s what from just the name. So, today we break down all the major categories of earrings for you with visuals to boost your jewellery IQ! Here are studs, huggies, clusters, hoops, chandeliers, jhumkas, chaand baalis, drops and danglers simplified for you to understand –


Studs are small earrings in which the point of connection to the earring’s front is not visible – it’s almost like the earring is floating in your ear! Also small in nature, huggies are different from studs because you can see them wrapping around – AKA “hugging” your ears.

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Usually made of gemstones, beads, glass or metal, cluster earrings are, as the name implies, grouped together in a beautiful cluster. These earrings emit a luxurious vibe since they consist of so many intricate elements.

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Circular or semi-circular in design, hoop earrings sort of resemble a ring. Most hoops you’ll think of are chunky statement metal or silver pieces. However, Of today’s intelligent designers experimenting with designing more quirky hoops!

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Chandelier earrings are long, elaborate and dangle. They consist of multiple tiers, usually three, of gemstones, beads, crystals, etc. They look very ornate and are perfect for any party OOTD, especially destination weddings!

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A part of most Indian women’s traditional jewellery collection, jhumkas are no longer made in just gold and silver. These bell-shaped earrings come in a variety of design motifs and colors now!

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Just as the name suggests, chandbalis draw inspiration from crescent moon shapes, usually at least two in one piece. They are feminine, mysterious and fit for any desi girl look at a special party. Add these exquisite earrings to your destination jewellery collection to look like a gorgeous desi belle!

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(subset is tear drops that are tear shaped)

Drop earrings drop below the earlobe, usually with a gemstone, bead or charm adornment. A subset of drops are tear-drops, which are tear shaped in nature.

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Swinging and hanging freely from side to side or to and fro, danglers vary in length but are usually big. They make a wonderful style statement and can add sparkle to your face.

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We hope you can understand earring lingo more comfortably now. Happy shopping!