6 Reasons Why Silver Jewellery Is Timeless

If you’re one of those jewellery shoppers who is confused between adding fine jewellery, gold or silver to her collection, then this blog post will help you decide. While gold and fine jewellery has appeal in certain situations, sterling silver actually gives you more mileage in the long run. Confused? Read on!

1. Sterling Silver Jewellery Is Classic

While many trends go in and out of vogue, sterling silver has stood the test of time for ages. Look into your grandma’s treasure trove, and you’re bound to find silver jewellery from a few decades back still amongst her favorite trinkets. Sterling silver jewellery is truly going to last you a lifetime, throughout all seasons and fashion cycles.

2. Sterling Silver Jewellery Is Insta-Perfect

If looking crisp is important for you, then sterling silver jewellery will help you with your fashion goals because it is perpetually trendy. Pretty much all of the hottest jewellery trends include sterling silver. The designs might change, but the incorporation of silver as a go-to source is a constant. Added bonus – because silver is a soft metal, jewellers experiment with tons of new designs, and that allows you to be spoiled for options that fits your very own style for all occasions! There’s so much room for innovation.

3. Sterling Silver Jewellery Is Durable & Affordable 

Sterling Silver jewellery offers more bang for buck because it is durable and can hence last a lifetime.  Furthermore, since it is less costly than gold, for example, you can actually build up your entire jewellery collection in no time, consisting of everything from daily-wear jewellery and statement pieces to everything in between.

4. Sterling Silver Jewellery Is Easy To Maintain

Although silver can tarnish with time, especially if not worn regularly, you can very easily restore it to its original shine with varnish and a fresh cloth.

5. Sterling Silver Jewellery Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Unlike cheap jewellery made of nickel, brass and base metals that irritate your skin, sterling silver jewellery does NOT contain metal additions that can cause allergic reactions. Sterling silver usually has a 7.5% addition of copper, which is easy on your skin. So, you can wear accessories, like earrings, without worrying about your piercing getting infected.

6. Sterling Silver Jewellery Lends Itself To Effortless Charm

The simplicity of sterling silver color lends itself to hassle-free accessorizing because it suits ALL skin tones. And, unlike yellow gold, which clashes with certain outfit color palettes, silver pairs just as well with an evening gown and LBD as it does with jeans and a t-shirt and jumpsuits.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and add some bewitching sterling silver jewellery to your collection right now!