The Desi Bridesmaid’s Guide To Destination Wedding Jewellery 

Hello there, desi girl! If you’ve made it to this blog post, it is probably safe to assume you have a couple of big fat Indian weddings lined up to attend. Whether it is your bestie who is getting married or your very own sis, being a bridesmaid means you have a fun opportunity to curate a brand new collection of special clothes and jewellery that look divalicious. So, how can you keep your fashion game on-point when it comes to jewellery this wedding season? We’ve compiled a jewellery guide for you to stand out as the most fashion-forward bridesmaid anyone has ever seen –

First thing’s first – we recommend premium fashion jewellery for this wedding season. No, we’re not just saying that because that’s our specialty. We’re saying that because during the shaadi fun and frolic, things often tend to get lost, especially during destination weddings. Avoid the grief of losing an expensive family heirloom or a precious gold or diamond jewellery piece you spent hard earned money on, and instead opt for high-quality fashion jewellery that looks just as marvellous and costs less. Trust us, it will give you more peace of mind so you can enjoy yourself fully throughout all the wedding festivities.

Okay, now let’s break-down your wedding jewellery guide to simplify things!

Ethnic Functions

With mehndi, sangeet, haldi functions, and the actual wedding ceremony, to attend, traditional Indian jewellery is an absolute must. Experiment with fusion ethnic jewellery that showcases your unique personality.

Cocktail Parties & Brunches

Get ready to ditch all the desi vibes at cocktail parties and special brunches with elegant pieces. Instead of picking pieces that are loud in color, bold in cuts and chunky in size – which will be overload – pick jewellery that offers prominence to one of these three elements to keep things classy, sassy and wow.

In-Between Errands 

Bridesmaids, by default, are the dulhaniyaa’s go-to girl for lots of things throughout the entire series of events. That means you’ll probably be running a lot of errands. However, just because you’re pulling strings last-minute in jeans, a t-shirt and baseball cap doesn’t mean you can’t look like a lil’ fashionista. Carry simple, glimmering pieces to make even the casual look seem glamorous.

We hope you have tons of fun at the weddings you’re attending. May the blessings of all the fashion divas be with you! And, don’t forget to tag us in your photo uploads if you’re sporting one of our products.