Your Jewellery Bible For Every Age Milestone

The true forte of jewellery lies in its ability to enhance what is already beautiful. Jewellery can make moments iconic, regardless of your age. While jewellery can be worn by anyone, at any time, there are some perks of wearing jewellery that highlights and matches with the most elegant features of your age. When you’re young, brighter jewellery brings out a beautiful color in your cheeks. Likewise, when you’re ageing gracefully, an earthy look serves as your show-stopper! Let’s take a walk down life’s timeline, to better understand what kind of jewellery best highlights your age.

Twenty, Terrific and Transitioning

Ah, the 20’s! As you dive headfirst into this beautiful transitional phase, freely explore accessories and start experimenting with your jewellery choices! You already have your mother’s (or, even grandmother’s) collection to dig into, so it’s not even like you’ll need to head out shopping right away. Don’t hesitate to try on classics such as pearls and gemstones that may feel more “grown-up”, but at the same time, every once in a while go out there and pick up fun jewellery pieces, such as layered bracelets and hooped earrings. This is when you get the best of both worlds. This is when you transition into a gorgeous, beautiful adult. This is when you really get to know you! Take the time out to find unique, eye-catching jewellery.

Thirty Makes You Sturdy

Your thirties make you wise, sorted and rather sturdy in your mind. Your friends start getting married, and the invites for destination weddings begin pouring in. So, this is a time to start curating a mix of both destination jewellery and classic jewellery pieces that are also going to stand the test of time, including staples like silver statement earrings and pearl necklaces. You now know exactly what looks good on you – so now is when you actually start curating and maintaining a truly personal jewellery collection. All your learnings from past experimentation will have given you the wisdom to know and accept what simply does not work and what suits you to perfection. There’s absolutely no pressure to follow every trend.

Forty Is When You Party!

Yes, you’ve just hit the perfect phase from a jewellery standpoint. You already know your style inside-out, and you’ve gone ahead and curated a fine collection of pieces that only you know how to best pull off. You have just hit a level of wisdom and awesomeness that only your age could bring you. So, now is when you can give regard to luxury. You’ve been doing the good living for a while, so now is the time to take things up a notch. Select brands that actually reflect your personality and style. You are now at a place where your jewellery makes more than a statement – a sweeping declaration – so have a signature style and then stick to it!

Fifty Means You’re Nifty

When you’re fifty, you have a complex web of interests and a highly defined personal style, which means you look for meaning in anything you wear. While you are doing a fabulous job acing the jewellery game with your own style, combine skill with experimentation. Yes, you don’t look the way you did when you were in your 20’s or 30’s. You look even better – you’ve aged gracefully and developed immense self-confidence with time. So, how about pulling off bold moves and getting creative with things you may have written-off before? For instance, perhaps open your mind to larger jewellery that highlights your features with age. It helps to adjust your earring size, especially, in a way that works with your hair and bone structure. To add to your look, remember to have a classy watch or two handy as well, for days when bracelets are just not your thing. And, also feel free to pair your favorite studs and solitaire jackets with either a neckpiece or a bracelet.

60’s Is Sorted!

By the time you’ve transitioned into your 60’s, you know your style in-and-out. Rock the classic age you’re at with jewellery that’s graceful and subtle. Think Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren. Channel your timeless charm like a seasoned diva!

We hope this guide gives you more clarity to glam it up during each decade. Don’t forget to share this link with all your gal-pals!

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