2018 Rewind – Best Of Blog, One More Time

2018 sure was an eventful year at Tsara. And, before 2019 dawns upon us, let’s rewind through our blog for one more look at the best of the best!

Pick The Right Jewellery For You

Picking jewellery that matches your age, clothes and personality is often a challenge, especially when you are in a hurry to quickly select highlights from your wardrobe for the next big party or work event! Check out our 5-step guide right here.

Your Jewellery Bible For Every Age Milestone

While jewellery can be worn by anyone, at any time, there are some perks of wearing jewellery that highlights and matches with the most elegant features of your age. When you’re young, brighter jewellery brings out a beautiful color in your cheeks. Likewise, when you’re ageing gracefully, an earthy look serves as your show-stopper! Take a walk down life’s timeline, to better understand what kind of jewellery best highlights your age right here.

The Desi Bridesmaid’s Guide To Destination Wedding Jewellery

Whether it is your bestie who is getting married or your very own sis, being a bridesmaid means you have a fun opportunity to curate a brand new collection of special clothes and jewellery that look divalicious. So, how can you keep your fashion game on-point when it comes to jewellery this wedding season? Our jewellery guide will help you stand out as the most fashion-forward bridesmaid anyone has ever seen. Read more here.

How Well Do You Know These Earring Categories?

With so many category of earrings out there, it can be a bit tricky to identify what’s what from just the name. Learn more about all the major categories of earrings with visuals to boost your jewellery IQ! We’ve simplified studs, huggies, clusters, hoops, chandeliers, jhumkas, chaand baalis, drops and danglers for you to understand right here.

Style Your Saree With The Perfect Jewellery

Weddings. Pujas. Diwali. The number of ethnic occasions that demand a slightly desi touch in your OOTD throughout the year are endless. If you’re someone who loves the gracefulness of sarees, this blog post is just for you. We’ve broken down saree accessorizing into four key categories so your ethnic look is totally on-point. Read more here.

Photograph Jewellery On Yourself Like A Pro Model With These Tips

If you have an exquisite collection of jewellery you want to photograph on yourself, yes it is possible to do so solo. That’s right – you can photograph yourself in all your bejewelled glory like a pro jewellery model with 5 handy tips we’ve compiled right here.

Look Classy At Work With These Jewellery Essentials

Putting in a bit of thought and effort into building the perfect wardrobe for work can go a long way in boosting your self-confidence and leaving a solid impression. Accessories are an integral part of planning out your office OOTD to look crisp, and if you are smart about jewellery pieces you select, you can also rotate them outside of office hours with the right type of styling. Have a look through office jewellery essentials we’ve compiled so you can put your best foot forward at work. Read more here.

7 Tips To Pair Earrings With Short And Long Hair

Since you have so many different hairstyles to choose from based on your hair length, knowing which earrings to pair with which style and length of hair can be tricky. Worry not – we’ve created a guide for you so you can step up your styling game right here.

5 Tips To Travel Smartly With Jewellery

Whether you’re planning a long summer vacation or heading for a series of destination weddings, deciding which jewellery to take and how to carry it safely is something you really ought to give some thought to. We’ve compiled five tips so you can travel smartly with your jewellery to avoid any unfortunate mishaps. Read more here.

5 Styles For 5 Types Of Faces – H{EAR} Us Out And Pick The Right Earrings

Earrings are a lovely way to draw attention to your face provided you know which ones can accent your features. Like ill-fitting clothes, picking the wrong pair of earrings for your face type can actually backfire. Find out how to decide which ones to slip onto your ears right here.

We hope you carry the fashion wisdom from 2018 with you into 2019. And, get ready for more fashion tips in the year ahead. Happy New Year!