Pick The Right Jewellery For You

Picking jewellery that matches your age, clothes and personality is often a challenge, especially when you are in a hurry to quickly select highlights from your wardrobe for the next big party or work event! So, here’s our attempt to simplify things for you, through a 5-step guide:

Step 1: Discover your style

What you carry best shall be what you don most! You are a living, breathing personality who has carved out a style over the years. Cash in on that. Who are you from within? Are you someone who focuses all her fashion energy on work clothes? Or, do you like investing in fun pieces? Where do you head after work? Do you like a feminine style, or does the casual style fit appeal to you more? Whether you plan to wear your jewellery seven days a week or just on special occasions, you’ll certainly be happier with it longer IF it’s chosen with your style and lifestyle in mind.

Step 2: Pay attention to clothes you buy

We tend to be awfully automatic in our selection of clothes and intuitively choose specific necklines that we carry off best. A sound understanding of what kind of jewellery suits what kind of neckline can go a long way in completing your wardrobe. Did you know you can wear neck-hugging jewellery with your collared shirts? And, your neck-hugging jewellery will actually go very well with your strapless tops and dresses, too? V-shaped string jewellery goes nicely with V-shaped necklines AND with square necklines, as well! But, when you wear shirts, dresses and jackets that cover your entire neck, it’s most sensible to just go with long threaded chains or pendants that hang much further lower than your neckline.

Step 3: Shape of your face

Yes, the shape of your face does matter when it comes to jewellery! If you have a rectangular face, you will certainly have noticed just how stunning your face looks with large, chunky earrings. Large earrings give your face volume and accentuate its finest features. So, if you have a rectangular face, then say a big yes to large hoops, ovals and even hearts. If, on the other hand, you have a square face, then your face will do full justice to round or triangular earrings. You may also want to experiment with long and thin pendants, but as a rule, remember to keep your earrings larger in length than width. Avoid voluminous rings and miniature studs if you have a round face.

Step 4: Avoid over-matching colors

If you’re someone who has bought a lot of jewellery sets over the years, uh oh. People don’t really wear sets anymore. If you do have sets in your wardrobe pining for your attention, you must know how many to limit your pick to when you’re getting ready for an event. More often than not, heavy neck-pieces coupled with massive earrings are a big no-no. Less indeed is more in 2018.

Step 5: Have a budget in place, really!

You’re smart. You’re suave. But, you’re also independent. Keeping up with trends is important, but it’s also important to plan some of your jewellery curation in advance. Don’t let your jewellery stocking become a series of impulsive purchases. Really sort out a budget for every buy, and start saving up for that occasional, possibly grand, spend. Even if the budget you set aside is somewhat limited, you can do a lot when you are fully aware of your choices. Tsara has plenty of choices at all price points for women with exquisite tastes in jewellery.

We hope these five tips will take your jewellery game to the next level. Comment below and let us know if you’d like to share a tip, too!