The Bohemian Fantasy

One of the most aesthetic categories is the Bohemian style. The word Bohemian is derived from the French word "bohémien," meaning Romani. It delivers vibrant colours, lifestyle and culture. A mix of free expression of style and culture, Bohemian Jewellery is considered to be one of the most chosen styles across the globe. To identify your bohemian spirit, follow these three easy steps to live your style. Add colours to your look with a fresh hint of prints. They can differ from stripes to warli painting. Second, add layers to your look. Layers such as cut-out brown shrugs, jackets, and long skirts can change the vibe of how you dress up! And lastly, pick some fun bohemian jewellery. It’s crafted with a lot of details and gemstones. Women who follow the bohemian style, choose jewellery which is in silver or semi-brass colour. Pick your favourite bohemian jewellery from the Tsara Jewellery Website and be the Bohemian lady! 

How to pick your favourite Bohemian Jewellery- 

Picking up your favourite bohemian jewellery can be exciting but equally confusing. Its intricate design, unique colours, and detailed cuts recognise Bohemian style. It can be a perfect subtle yet statement look for your outfits. The bohemian trend is a unique concept which lightens up the look if put together properly. Here are some best-seller bohemian pieces for you to choose from! 



1- The Ruby Fun- This tiny red gemstone is worth every attendance. With a touch of bohemian texture, the Red Royalty bracelet is a perfect combination of elegance and boho. Adorn your wrist with our Red Royalty bracelet and radiate confidence wherever you go like a true queen.



2- A cluster lotus- The Lotus Love bracelet, is our limited edition bracelet. It is broad and bold and delicate at the same time. Made in silver with over 1000 stones, this bracelet took not only time the making but also design. 



3- Moon Dust- The Mood Dust earrings are are a must-have in your Bohemian-inspired closet. Burnished brass outer ring polished in rose gold with an inner ring adorned with crystal dust. Simple and timeless yet dazzling all the same!



4- Believe it or not, our Mysterious Dream Necklace is a show-stopper. This pendant is made in silver with white and chocolate cubic zirconias, hydro rubies and shell pearls.